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Partnering with 6Scan Security enables your company to deliver cost-effective, critical, real-time website security.

We have programs that are specifically designed for Web Hosts and Managed Security Service Providers.

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6Scan Security's advanced security provides critical protection for your customers. Our flexible and effective partner plans provide valuable contribution to your businesses bottom line. Sign up to receive information on how 6Scan Security automated security can reduce support costs, increase customer satisfaction and drive additional revenue.

Technology Partners

6Scan Security's flexible, advanced services can deliver real-time scanning, remediation and threat intelligence that benefits your business. Sign up to receive information on how MSSPs, SSEIM providers and anti-virus vendors all can improve their offerings with minimal upfront investment.

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Solving the Website Security Problem

Hacked websites are ground zero for high-efficiency cyber-attacks.

Malicious actors have discovered economies of scale and now prefer to target trusted infrastructure instead of focusing on individual end-points. Websites have become the platform of choice for launching zero-day exploits, DDoS, phishing scams, and watering hole attacks.

In fact, 85% of malicious links are located on legitimate website that have been hacked.

6Scan Security's unique technology addresses critical elements of this problem. Our security agent sits at the application layer of the website, automatically blocking malicious activity before it can affect users or propagate across systems.