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The First Automated Website Security Suite

6Scan Security is a full service security solution for you small business website. Out patent-pending technology combines a full suite of features that scan and automatically fix critical issues that - if left unresolved - could damage your customers, your reputation and drag down your revenue.

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Malware Scan

Checks proactively on the status of your website on the major search engine and browser blacklists.

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Malware Removal

Restores your website after malware has been quarantined. 6Scan Security's security experts will access your website and remove the malicious code.

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Malware Quarantine

A patent-pending technology that immediately quarantines malicious code. Protects your business from being blacklisted from search engines and popular browsers.

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Website Scan

Detects vulnerabilities that could make your site a target for attacks. The proactive service works seamlessly in the background to maintain website security.

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Auto Vulnerability Repair

Patent-pending patching technology acts immediately to resolve problems with vulnerable website code. Left unchecked these issues become entry points for hackers to gain access to your website.

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CMS Scan/Repair

Automatically repairs problems created by outdated and vulnerable plug-ins and content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, used by millions of websites.

Automated Website Security

Now with real-time Malware Quarantine

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SQL Injection Protection

Detects and deactivates common exploits in SQL, the language used by CMS and other web applications to access databases.

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Cross Site Scripting

Identifies and halts attacks in which malicious code is executed by pretending to originate on a trusted site.

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OWASP Top Ten Protection

Shields websites from the ten most dangerous exploits, as identified annually by the Open Web Application Security Project.

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Web App Firewall

Pattern-mathing algorithms identify and block additional security threats. For the advanced user, our application firewall is completely configurable so you can choose the level of security you desire for your site.

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Blacklist Monitor

Checks proactively on the status of your website on the major search engine and browser blacklists.

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Security Badge

Increases visitor confidence and click-through. The 6Scan Security security badge on your website demonstrates you are committed to protecting your customers.


Updates you by email or SMS messages with scan results. If an issue is found, 6Scan Security can send a message with details on how the problem was fixed.